Onstage at the Paramount Theatre

“Chicken Soup is Good for the Soul..but Laughter is Better.” (Especially if you’re on a low sodium diet)

Marla Schultz is a headlining standup comedian, speaker and actress. An advocate for mental health awareness, Marla’s motto blends comedy and therapy; “Saving lives one punchline at a time.”

She’s also been featured in the documentaries The Big Talk Over Dinner and the soon-to-be-released You’re Gorgeous, I Love Your Shirt: A Look Inside the Crisis of Bullying and Mental Health.


Marla is a go-to for standup, keynotes, and emcee for fundraisers, corporate events, and conferences.

Marla brings the party and ignites connections.


  • Laughter is the lifeline to hope, healing, and happiness.
  • Humor heals and creates compassion within ourselves and with others.
  • Laughter punctures pain and the only way out is through it.
  • Sharing her stories inspires others to stand up for themselves.
  • Laughter defuses self doubt, shame, stigma, and loneliness.
  • Laughter unites us. When we laugh with others we’re reminded we’re connected. We’re never alone.

That’s a big deal.

She grew up feeling alone, disconnected, judged, and like an outcast. She felt different from others, like she didn’t belong.

She never wants anyone to feel that way when she’s performing in front of a crowd.